Prince Environmental, based in Austin, TX, was established in 2003 by Timothy J. Prince, P.E., BCEE. Mr. Prince has worked continuously in the environmental field since 1978 with a primary focus on air quality.

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Summary of Experience and Qualifications

Thirty-five years’ experience in air pollution permitting, regulatory compliance and dispersion modeling.  Responsibilities included preparing all aspects of air quality permit applications pursuant to Title V, state, federal PSD and RCRA Part B permitting regulations for a wide variety of industrial facilities including refineries, petrochemical plants, crude oil and petroleum product pipeline facilities, power plants, cogeneration facilities, electronics plants, natural gas processing plants, mining operations, a primary copper smelter and hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities.  Clean Air Act evaluations and Title V Permitting for petrochemical, crude oil and petroleum product pipeline facilities, natural gas processing and marine terminal operations. Title III MACT assessments for SOCMI facilities, refineries, and polymers and resins operations.  Air quality compliance and due diligence audits for chemical manufacturing, refinery, oil and gas, municipal utility and cogeneration facilities.  Toxic Tort litigation and enforcement action support for chemical, crude pipeline, pesticide manufacturing, wood treating, refinery and fertilizer manufacturing operations.  NOx SIP compliance support for cogeneration, chemical and carbon black facilities.  Flat and complex terrain modeling of air pollutant emissions for comparison of predicted air quality impacts to PSD increments, National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), state property-line standards and state health effect screening levels.  Technical and economic evaluation of emissions control technology options.  Contested case hearing expert testimony on air emissions and modeling.